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In Store Prices and Polices Are The Same As Online, Wholesale To The Public. We Are Cincinnati's #1 Paintball Store !
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We do not accept C.O.D. at this time sorry. All orders are shipped via U.P.S. 
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Please read all of the warranty and return policy information below prior to placing an order.



For most orders shipping will calculate correctly when you place your order. In the event that no freight is calculated, or freight is calculated incorrectly, Edge Paintball reserves the right to add freight or correct the calculated amount. A 2% Insurance fee(not to exeed $5.00) will be added to the sub-total of all orders. We Have Never Has To Do This Yet.

Warranties for products vary product by product. All warranties are provided by and serviced by the manufacturer of the corresponding product. Edge Paintball does not provide any warranty service. Neither the manufacturer or Edge Paintball will be responsible for freight of items requiring warranty service.

No warranty on paintballs. Edge Paintball inspects each and every lot of paint purchased to ensure the best quality product prior to shipping. Upon shipping the product, it is understood that many factors play a role in the quality of the product upon receipt. These factors include quality of handling and the climate that the paintballs are exposed to in transit. Specifically damaging to paint is cold weather exposure. Edge Paintball may choose to delay the release of product in order to minimize your risk of exposure to product damaged by the weather conditions that are beyond our control. Additionally be advised to plan for cold weather seasons and avoid having product in transit for more than one day when cold weather (temperatures below 40 degrees) is a factor.

Paintballs damaged in transit by either weather conditions or rough handling is the customers responsibility! Be sure to inspect the package when the product is delivered. If you need to file a claim for damaged goods with UPS be sure that you note the damage on the bill before you sign for the product.

Gun manufacturers warranties vary by manufacturer. All guns carried by Edge Paintball, include a minimum 90 day factory warranty. Some, such as Tippmann Pneumatics and ACI, offer a warranty of 1 full year. Any warranty service required must be directed to the manufacturer.

Note that, like tires on an automobile, o-rings, springs, and cup seals are generally not covered by any manufacturer and are considered consumable parts. Installation of aftermarket parts and unauthorized "airsmith" modifications may void your factory warranty. No refunds or credits will be issued for guns that have been used or modified in any way.

General All warranties are provided by and serviced by the manufacturer of the corresponding product. Edge Paintball does not provide any warranty service.


A. ONLY UNUSED, UNOPENED ITEMS MAY BE RETURNED TO Edge Paintball FOR CREDIT. Use is defined as any attempt to install, fire, wear, or wash.


C. Freight associated with returns for any reason are strictly the responsibility of the sender. FREIGHT PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

D. Inspect your products carefully upon receipt. Absolutely no returns will be accepted after 10 days of the original invoice date.

E. The original invoice must be included in the returned
package to ensure prompt and accurate processing. Save your invoice. Absolutely no return can be accepted without a copy of the original invoice.

F. Products that are returned to Edge Paintball that do not qualify for a credit or refund will be returned to you at your expense. If an item is returned that has been opened or used in any way it will be returned to you at your expense.


A. Edge Paintball , reserves the right to change prices and terms without notice. All prices and products are subject to availability. 

B. Edge Paintball does not guarantee any time of delivery and can not be held responsible for any damages or losses due to missed or delayed shipments.

Although 95% of all shipments do arrive in less than 5 working days. If there is a time that you need it by, double emphasize  that at the time you place your order and ask if there will be a problem with that time frame. But still mistakes can happen and you may not receive what you ordered or at what time you thought it would arive, So it is recommended that if you MUST without a doubt and your life depends on it get what you order,at an exact time, It is better and recommended that you buy it from a local shop and put it in your hand then and there.

C. Why are prices higher instore than online? Because online stores run on minimal profit if any at all, So therefore there is little or NO customer service (meaning if there is a problem with your gun,order,parts,times,etc. we simply can not help you if you're 2000 miles away. You must pack things up and ship them yourself so as you can see if there is any kind of problem being parts,gun,order,time,broken,doesn't work,change mind,etc,,you are on your own) so by purchasing something online you get one thing and one thing only THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE, But will get no customer service, ............

On the other hand if you buy in store( and pay more, A lot more sometimes) and have a problem,you can simply take it back and get a refund, exchange, get it fixed, complain to someone's face so you just feel better, and get it done much much faster and don't have to worry about shipping stuff back and froth.

So here's what I recommend, if you are a well rounded person who was raised by parents that cared enough to teach you patience, or are a parent that cares enough to raise a child up not to whine and cry till you give them what they want (Not Need,, Remember This Is Just A Toy To Play With Not A Got To Have To Live Thing), But teach them to shut up and have patience so that they grow up to someday be themselves a well rounded person with a good grasp on reality, And have a good idea how to fix things and make things work and don't mind spending time working on or maintaining things even when everyone around you is playing and having fun. And you don't complain even when things don't go your way. Then, We Highly Recommend Buying Online!!

Or If you dont see yourself as someone described above then we highly recommend Buying Instore,(And paying more for customer service) Or not buying or attempting to play paintball at all as you may  be one of those people that will never be happy.

If you follow all the instructions above you will save yourself and us time and money and the world will be a better place, Thanks and now you may place your order.

Secure Charge Card and Electronic Payment Processing

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