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A sister barrel to the Quiet Riot, this barrel puts the ball where you want it, and with its unigue small to large barrel porting it makes less noise and creates less wobble as the ball leaves the barrel. This also increases its accuracy and consistency shot for shot...Color Black
.................Tippmann 98
Spyders Piranhas Rebels

................Tippmann A-5


32 Deg. Terminator Barrel
..............Tippmann 98 12"
..............Tippmann 98 14"
.............Tippmann 98 16"
Spyder Pirahna Rebels 14"
Spyder Pirahna Rebels 16"

BT16 Tippmann Barrel
This upgrade gives your 98 or A-5 marker the M16 Style look. The Barrel is 14" in length and provides extreme accuracy.
Be Sure To Get The Sight Rail To Match Up The Barrels Front Site
Retail $159.99
Sale Price


Tippmann 98
Tippmann A-5
go to upgrades for stocks and sights

32 Degrees Nyte Stick Aluminum
You just have to love the simplicity of this affordable, high quality upgrade barrel. The combination of spiral porting and a muzzle break help to increase accuracy by decreasing turbulence in the barrel as the ball is travelling through and then decreases the wobble as it leaves, heading for its target with unmatched accuracy.
12" Spyder, Piranha. Rebels

14" Spyder, Piranha, Rebels
.............. 14" Tippmann 98

A-5 Flatline Barrel System
Introducing the Flatline Barrel System made exclusively for the Tippmann A-5. This system is now available complete or as a conversion kit for your existing A-5, The Flatline Barrel System is the first production back spin barrel ever produced. The principle behind the system is Tippmann's newly designed slightly curved barrel, which applies centrifugal force to the ball, creating backspin. Not only does this system offer increased accuracy and distance but also offers flat trajectory for thick brush and canopy play. By minimizing trajectory of the ball and increasing accuracy, you increase the amount of targets which would ordinarily be out of range. The Flatline Barrel System adds 100 feet of flat trajectory GUARANTEED.
Retail $89.99
Sale Price


Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel System
Flatline Barrel Tippmann 98 Custom and Model 98. This system is now available  complete or as a conversion kit for your existing 98 Custom or  Model 98. Not only does this system offer increased accuracy and distance but also offers flat trajectory  By minimizing trajectory of the ball and increasing accuracy,you increase the amount of targets which would ordinarily be out of range.
Retail $89.99
Sale Price


BT Apex Barrel System
One of world's most advanced barrel systems, BT Paintball Products' Apex allows you to shoot a longer flat trajectory or curve the ball to hit targets located behind cover. Simply twist the muzzle or set it to maximum spin and put the control of your balls in your hands.
For use with the BT4 or A5 or all 98 guns
Twisting the Apex muzzle lets you curve the ball around corners or "dive bomb" behind walls and logs
Setting the muzzle straight up gives the longest, flattest trajectory available
Micro-finished barrel outperforms any barrel available
Simply remove your current barrel and screw the Apex right in
Due to advantage offered, the Apex may not be allowed in some tournaments
Retail $159.99
Sale Price

All 98's..............


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